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The Best of Both Worlds - SMARTREMOVAL has revolutionized filter hose changing

With the patent-pending SmartRemoval filter hose change system, NETZSCH has developed a system that revolutionizes the exchange of filter bags and filter baskets for side removal filters!

When it comes to filter systems, a distinction is made between Top and Side Removal Systems. Both designs have their advantages and disadvantages. Top Removal systems are characterized by particularly low residual dust contents, but require a certain building height, which is often not available and can then only be achieved by cost-intensive conversion measures. Therefore, Side Removal systems are often used. The systems available to date, however, do not guarantee the same residual dust content as Top Removal versions due to their design. On the other hand, they have long hose change and cleaning times. This leads to production downtimes, which are particularly significant in the case of frequent product changes and cause high costs.

With SmartRemoval, NETZSCH presents a hose change system that combines the advantages of Top Removal and Side Removal systems and compensates for their weak points.

Like the Side Removal System, SmartRemoval does not require additional room height for changing filter bags and achieves the same low residual dust content as Top Removal systems. SmartRemoval’s tool-less filter bag change makes installation very easy and significantly faster. Compared to the usual Side Removal systems, the time for changing the filter bags is reduced by up to 80%. The costs decrease accordingly. Installation errors are practically impossible. A conversion or retrofitting of existing systems with SmartRemoval is possible and an important argument for all those who not only want to save time and money but also have limited building heights. No additional building height is required to remove the filter baskets of a filter equipped with SmartRemoval and you are more flexible when installing it in existing buildings.

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