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Neugart presents latest version of its design software

With version 4.0, Neugart is setting an innovative milestone in the history of NCP gearbox design software.

From the load via the gearbox to the motor – the NCP 4.0 (Neugart Calculation Program) software calculates and displays the design of an entire drivetrain. In comparison to NCP 3.3, version 4.0 impresses by being even more user-friendly and intuitive. The software is characterized by its well-organised user interface. This is made possible using multi-window technology, which optimizes use of the display screen. To that end, the program has also been designed with a flexible user interface. It automatically adapts its display for laptops and desktops, as well as records application data and the graphically prepared calculation results.

One major advantage of NCP 4.0 is the possibility of recording several drivetrains in one project. This reduces the amount of documentation, streamlines archiving, protects resources and significantly improves clarity. NCP 4.0 is also designed to allow the graphic dynamic and load profile per drivetrain to remain permanently visible.


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