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Quality 4.0: a paradigm shift of in-line inspection in body-in-white

Exploring the impact of absolute, non-contact, fully automated dimensional inspection in the production line.

Quality 4.0 deals with the paradigm shift of making dimensional inspections move from being a mere qualifier of quality compliance to one that controls and regulates the manufacturing process.

Perfecting BIW inspection: the earlier the better

A perfected BIW process ensures that downstream processes in automotive manufacturing realise high levels of efficiency. Dimensional quality control at the BIW stage, when supported by data-driven analytics, detects product and process anomalies earlier in the production process. It also helps to control the assembly process in such a way that dimensional tolerance targets are hit consistently. The result is not only less downtime and rework, but a production process that continuously improves.

Laser Radar – A best in class in-line inspection system

Laser Radar is a fully automated, versatile system that brings non-contact measurement to the production line. It is a novel approach that includes direct surface and feature measurement with the capacity to perform 100% inspection checks.

The Laser Radar system is surface independent, i.e., it can inspect most surfaces and is not sensitive to lighting or temperature. The latter is a big advantage of Laser Radar, especially for measurements in the production line. The system can operate without targets and make inspections with a very high level of accuracy. The system also scores well in its ability and ease of application in Pre-series production. Compared to other systems, Laser Radar can be applied in Pre-series without the need for tuning scan paths, adjusting acquisition parameters or offline CMM correlations.


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