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The latest innovation in gas measuring systems entirely PL”d” and AtEx TÜV Rheinland Certified.

The latest innovation in gas measuring systems entirely PL”d” and ATEX TÜV Rheinland Certified.


Our Infrared gas monitoring system, “Sagittarius 5000”, has been designed and manufactured in accordance with the Essential Health and Safety Requirements laid down in the directive 94/9/EC, commonly referred to as AtEx “Atmosphères Explosibles” directive. Our Infrared sensors are SIL3, CSA, Gost and AtEx zon1 certified. Our gas monitoring systems "Sagittarius 5000" are completely AtEx zone 1 certified (EN 60079-29-1) and performance level "d" to meet the requirements of UNI EN1539: 2009 paragraph and

Each analytical line is completely independent from the others end they can be easily replaced by any maintenance operator. In case of Infrared sensor failure, only the single unit will be affected and the maintenance operator will be able to replace the broken part without stopping the production and/or waiting for NIRA technical service.

This infrared gas monitoring system “Sagittarius 5000” allows some extraordinary extra advantages in the food packaging industry:

- Low investment.

- Higher performances.

- Higher Safety in printing area.

- Faster response time.

- No infield recalibration.

- Longer system warranty.

- Easy and fast installation.

- Lower maintenance.

- Easy sensors and control modules replacement.

Sagittarius 5000


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