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Top quality VOC portable analyzer

Able to analyze trough a heated sampling system different sources of emissions, producing results in mgC/Nm³ with an extraordinary stability, due to our loop sampling system. A known volume of sample is regularly pushed into the FID detector with no capillary clogging noises.

Reduced maintenance as the system use large capillary and membrane valves, which don''t need to be serviced for long periods, as no moving parts are present (just sample pump).

User friendly, anyone can use it, the system is supplied with an integrated Windows based PC system, which continuously monitor all analysis parameters and elaborate all collected data. The instrument can be easily connected through USB or Ethernet.

Able to analyze methane and non-methane components, using a robust catalytic systems EN 25140:2010 compliant.

The instrument doesn't need bulky external catalyst object, it is an all in one system.


  • Via Antonio Locatelli, 20853 Biassono MB, Italy
  • NIRA Srl


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