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Information – COVID-19

No influence on our activities

You must have been informed, that the spread of the coronavirus causes irregular, extraordinary situations in several European countries and that already appeared in Hungary as well.

The Hungarian Government took preventive measures and introduced control methods.

Amongst these steps, the most important ones are travel restrictions, introduction of various screening tests, prohibition of public events based on the expected number of participants, and the continuous strengthening of the medical system.

These measures are taken to mitigate the spread of the virus and to minimize the source of the danger the COVID-19 spread means to our country.

We would like to ensure our customers, that for the moment, these occurrences have no influence on our activities, and according to the official figures, the recorded number of patients with this disease in Hungary is tiny, compared to several other European countries’ corresponding data.

Nevertheless, we feel it to our duty – driven by our usual feeling of utmost responsibility for serving our customers on the possible highest level – to ask you, that in the given situation, please take it into consideration when placing your orders, that requests are produced in a first come first served basis; therefore we suggest you to send us your orders as soon as possible to minimize the possibility of any delays, or to reduce their duration to the minimum.

We hope and firmly believe, that all the efforts were or would be made to prevent the spread of the disease and for the quickest healing of the patients would be successful, and in the meantime we are doing our very bests – as always – to produce the orders within our standard production period even if the situation worsened.


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