Fiber optic for high data rates: new POF module

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The new 5 contacts POF (Polymer Optical Fiber) module replaces the existing 2 contacts module for fiber optic transmission in the ODU-MAC® Blue-Line.

The advantages are obvious: the new module meets the demand for high data rates while saving space in the connector.

The compact POF module was developed in an innovative way. An existing module for signal transmission served as the basis. This allowed the module variety to grow within a very short time, further increasing the choice and flexibility for users.

Reliable transmission for at least 10,000 mating cycles is guaranteed. Cleaning of the contacts is not necessary, which is easy and time-saving in practical use. This module can be used in particular when data transmission is not to be influenced by external sources of interference and high data rates are required. This is often the case in the area of measurement or testing, but also in medical technology.

A fast delivery from stock is now possible, as this module is part of the standard range of the ODU-MAC® Blue-Line. In addition, it is available including cable assembly.

Get this economical solution for fiber optic transmission and benefit from the small space requirement and short delivery times:

Fiber optic for high data rates: new POF module

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