process-safe and effective water monitoring

Christina Schellbach
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innovative analysis of process water

By means of a novel method of soft water monitoring, a measuring and control unit with a potentiometric measuring method for the permanent monitoring of the soft water is presented. This not only sensitively monitors the residual hardness and the measuring functionality, but also has an intelligent self-monitoring.

Previous problems and obstacles of conventional measurement techniques are solved and a high reliability and economically continuous measurement functionality is ensured over long periods of time.

The process principle is based on a calcium-magnesium-selective electrode, which constantly determines the difference in water hardness between hard water and soft water and evaluates it to a predetermined limit value.

The difference method used makes it possible to exclude sensor registrations and to monitor the sensor quality. This monitors the soft water hardness so that a high process and control safety is ensured. Corresponding to these possibilities, not only limit value monitoring in soft water, but also optimal requirements for a quality-controlled regeneration of softening systems have been proved. This prevents early regeneration by hardness and optimally exploits the soft water capacity. During the conversion from quantity to quality-controlled operation of the softening plant 20% to 50% fewer regeneration cycles could be achieved according to different operating conditions. This reduces regeneration costs, keeps the water content constant and keeps the quality of the water high.


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