Modern steam boiler monitoring

Christina Schellbach
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Sustainable energy and cost savings at steam boilers

Steam and hot water boilers can be energetic weak points in the company. They represent a major energy cost factor. For efficient energy savings OFS GmbH offers the FWS-Control, which reduces up to 10% of the operating costs of a boiler system and contributes to the fulfillment of the energy management system according to ISO 50001.

With the analysis and control system, the boiler cycle is energetically optimized. This enables efficient energy cost savings and improved energy cost management.

The boiler waters are analyzed and optimized. The constant control is very dynamic response to load fluctuations. Controlled activation of the vapor valve reduces vapor losses by up to 80%.

To avoid unwanted reactions in the boiler, conditioning agents are supplied. The automatic, continuous measurement and monitoring of the feedwater ensures the appropriate dosage of the conditioning agent. This leads to a reduction of the mean in the feedwater boiler by up to 60%. The consequence is that a higher thickening is achieved in the steam boiler. This results in a reduction of the blowdown rates of up to 40%.

The energy-efficient mode of operation has been tested and certified by the TÜV. The resource and energy savings lead to higher process reliability, better energy efficiency and lower operating costs.

Hot and steam boiler monitoring with multi-parameter water analyzer
Hot and steam boiler monitoring with multi-parameter water analyzer

FWS-Control for controlling of feedwater and steam boilers with quality-controlled dosing

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