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CMC accessory for testing traveling wave protection relays

With its high precision the CMC accessory TWX1 allows testing all the protection and fault localization functions of travelling wave protection relays. The simple execution of tests can be compared to that of conventional relays.

User-friendly and highly precise

With the TWX1, OMICRON is offering a user-friendly field-testing solution for traveling-wave-based relays. Separate calculations, setting or wiring changes are not required during testing.

Full support of the TWX1 by the RelaySimTest software enables testing to be prepared and performed efficiently. Test procedures are started with a single click, and all protection elements are tested simultaneously. Using test modes is unnecessary.

The TWX1 superimposes voltage and current traveling waves onto the transient signal provided by the CMC test set with nanosecond accuracy, making it possible to test all the relay functions precisely.

Simple end-to-end tests

Combining TWX1, CMC and RelaySimTest with CMGPS 588 also enables end-to-end tests to be controlled from one location, avoiding the need to coordinate every single test step via phone.

The TWX1 requires a CMC with a NET-2 interface board.

Company profile

OMICRON is an international company providing innovative testing and diagnostic solutions for electrical power supply systems. The use of OMICRON products offers the greatest reliability in evaluating the status of primary and secondary technical equipment. Comprehensive services in the areas of consulting, commissioning, testing, diagnostics, and training are an integral part of OMICRON's service offering.

Customers in over 160 countries benefit from the company's ability to supply cutting-edge products of outstanding quality. Service centers on every continent also provide a broad range of application knowledge/expertise and first-class customer support.

All of this, coupled with a powerful network of sales partners, has helped OMICRON establish itself as a market leader in the field of electrical power engineering.

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Testing traveling wave protection relays with the TWX1
Testing traveling wave protection relays with the TWX1

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