Opto expands it's portfolio of calibration targets and object micrometers

Markus Riedi
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Calibration Target Micro with honing angle is the latest addition

Optical calibration and resolution testing are critical metrics in understanding and optimizing any optical system

Latest addition is the Calibration Target Micro with honing angle, which is now available for our customers. The honing angle is DKD-certified.

In contrast to the Target Micro V1, the Calibration Target Mico with honing angle in the 4th quadrant contains a 30° honing angle incl. certificate.

The target contains the following defined structures:

1. 10 lp/mm to 1000 lp/mm

2. Ø20 μm dot matrix 40x40 dots, 100 μm grid

3. positive, negative dots and Siemens star

4. honing angle 30° with certificate

5. scale with steps up to 10 μm

Opto's bestseller and most important calibration target is Calibration Target Micro V1.

Calibration Target Micro V1 is unique in that it combines very useful resolution data, combined with ultra-high definition micro features, together enabling efficient and accurate optimization of any optical setup.

Ultra-high definition micro features, compatible to the most demanding optical calibration requirements

Four unique quadrants combining resolution targets to measurement scales

Supplied in a dedicated padded storage case

Optional with DKD-certificate

And since a long time "Particle Standard Target" is in Opto's portfolio for Residual Pollution Analysis, which

features chrome structures on glass, with different structures in sizes (6 μm –1025 μm), different shapes to verify the correct calculation of structure parameters, including a scale in x- and y-position. This target is also available with DKD-Certificate.

Resolution Test Target
Resolution Test Target

Test targets (also called test charts, test samples or resolution test patterns) are used to determine the efficiency of optical systems. They are used to determine resolution, MTF, depth of field, distortion and telecentricity. It is necessary to test and calibrate every single system for comparative measurements, especially when dealing with several measuring systems of the same type.

Stage Micrometer for calibration of measurement software

For calibration of measurement software Opto offers the "Stage Micrometer" - 50 mm glass scale in 0.1 mm and 0.01 mm The stage micrometer is also available with DKD Certification.

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