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A major milestone for a leading manufacturer of waste compaction equipment

Orwak celebrates building machine no. 100 000 in our factory in Sweden. We have been designing and manufacturing high-performance waste compactors since 1971. This inspiring event is a major milestone in Orwak’s history!

Watch the video greeting from Orwak HQ and see machine no. 100 000 being born:

From Ice to Fire - exotic Orwak installations worldwide:

Since the beginning, Orwak has traveled far and wide and our balers have reached every continent, even Antarctica! As a special edition for the 100 000 machine celebration we run 10 stories about exotic Orwak installations, each story being a symbol for 10 000 machines in our history. The articles will be published one at the time for 10 days at Facebook:

You can also watch a brief version of the stories in the video “From Ice To Fire – Orwak Travels The World”. It will take from icy mountain tops and the frozen world at Antarctica to the desert sun in the Middle East and to prominent people’s homes and residences!

Orwak Travels The World


  • Sävsjö, Sweden
  • Sandra Warenhed, Orwak HQ