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Machine for filling sanitizing gel or liquid into stick-packs

Simple solution for hand sanitizing

PACKING TECHNOLOGIES LLC would like to introduce to you our new machine which can be useful for filling ANTISEPTIC/SANITIZER gel or liquid into a single dosing stick packs.

Video presentation of the machine:

The vertical machine with a volumetric piston batcher (model AF-120-Z1-5), is used for the automatic process of portion filling and packaging in 3-seam packs, in the form of a stick. It can work with antiseptic gel or liquid, honey, jam, ketchup, mayonnaise, etc. The volume of the stick is from 2 to 20 cm3.


• Can work with multilayer films, laminated paper;

• Volumetric piston batcher divides products into any size portions with strong accuracy;

• Possibility of forming 3-seam packaging from 1 to 5 streams and a single roll of packaging material;

• All components in contact with the food products are made of stainless steel 304;

• Electronic control unit with the ability to track accidents and emergency situations;

• The machine equipped with drives and accessories of well-known brands (SТМ, CAMOZZI, Libra, МиКра, Zemic, INVT, HYUNDAI ).


!!!You should use 3ml of sanitizer at least for normal hand sanitizing. Such volume could be filled into a stick pack for convenient hand sanitizing!!!

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Be healthy!


  • Ukraine