Medium-pressure rotary union

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Applications: medium-pressure

Description For non-continuous slow rotation processes.

• Male/female thread BSP cylinder standard connection mode with axial or90° elbow output (others on request).

• Standard sizes available: 1/4" to 4" (other dimensions on request).

• Also available with a 90° elbow output from 1/4" to 1".

• Field of application: fluid transfer operations involving moderate pressure (up to 30 bar - 435 Psi) and slow rotation processes (20 RPM max). Operating conditions can be impacted by used materials.

• Male/female thread BSP cylinder standard connection mode with axial or 90° elbow output (others on request).

• Positioning in rotation is ensured by double bowl ball grooves QJ type. Such technology allows to handle axial and radial external tension loads and provides a very tight axial shaft position tolerance.

• Available in three distinct mateirals : anodised aluminium, carbon steel + anticorrosion

coating and type 316L stainless steel

• Anti-torque section and grease fitting as standard.

• Composite type U radial sealing system.

Medium-pressure rotary union

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