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New IoT condition monitoring solution with real-time vibration data

Vibration data is now online while still providing local 4-20 mA protection

PCH Engineering A/S launches a new IoT solution for condition monitoring. The solution is the first of its kind to combine real-time vibration data with cloud-based data storage.

The new IoT solution from PCH Engineering is a practical and cost-effective condition monitoring solution for machine owners and OEMs who want local machine safety at SIL level and IoT functionality for remote analysis and predictive maintenance.

The condition monitoring solution is an extension of the popular PCH 1420 real-time vibration monitor and forms part of PCH Engineering’s modular vibration monitoring system.

With data being transferred to the cloud, PCH Engineering’s IoT solution is suitable for Industry 4.0 and smart factory environments and for those looking to profit from the benefits of the Industrial Internet of Things.

The PCH 1420 with the IoT extension provides continuous data for the real-time optimization of operations, SIL2 security monitoring, trend data, and frequency spectrums.

The data collected can be used for troubleshooting, condition monitoring, and predictive maintenance. The vibration data can be used on its own or integrated with other data in a local SCADA system, e.g. via OPC UA, visualized in a web browser or integrated in an existing cloud solution.

The cloud data can be accessed easily and securely from mobiles, tablets or computers or downloaded to other systems through the REST protocol.

The PCH IoT solution enables machine owners to:

• Monitor and collect reliable vibration and process data in real-time

• Protect machinery with local alarms

• Integrate with current control and safety loops

• Visualize and analyse data using the PCH Cloud Dashboard

• Transfer raw and scalar data to SCADA or cloud-based condition monitoring systems

• Provide trend data for optimizing maintenance schedules.

Find more information on the PCH 1420 IoT Solution on our homepage.

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