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Fiber Laser Marking Machine Maintenance Knowledge-Series 2 Maintenance and Common Faults

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Marking Machines Daily Maintenance

Daily maintenance:

Clean the workbench of the marking machine daily.

Wash all the mirrors with alcohol every day.

Make sure the focus lens glass surface is free of dust.

Weekly maintenance:

If the exit lens and beam expander are found to be dusty, follow the same procedure.

Monthly maintenance:

Check and tighten all wires of the color laser marking machine every week.

Annual maintenance:

Check all components in the marking machine.

Make sure all of these components are in good working order.

Common faults and troubleshooting:

1.The computer indicator, red light and galvanometer do not illuminate.

No power input----Check the input power again.

The power switch plug is loose.-- Insert the switch firmly again.

The laser power cannot be turned on. ----Check the water ring status in the water cooling system.

The opening time is too short. ----- Make sure that the time to press the TEST button is sufficient (this time can be confirmed by the large deflection of the indicator on the tank pressure gauge.)

2.The laser output power is not high enough, and the marking effect is not good.

Optical cavity position change ----- slightly adjust the nut of the mirror and output mirror.

The optical lens and components are too dirty----- Clean the optical lens and components.

Increase the laser power, but the output current does not change much.---The laser module is aging, please replace the new laser module.

3.The tag file is incorrect.

1) The level of the laser beam output is set incorrectly. --- Reset the valid value.

2) The position of the machine’s workpiece is wrong.--Fix the workpiece.

3) There are some viruses in the computer--Please reset your computer program.

4) The galvanometer is subject to interference--Improve the condition between the shield and the ground.

If you have any errors with your device, please feel free to contact us.


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