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How does a laser cutter stand out?

Laser cutting machines stand out.

Laser can adapt to any material processing and manufacturing, especially in some special precision and requirements, special occasions and special materials processing and manufacturing plays an irreplaceable role.With the upsurge of industrial transformation and upgrading, most manufacturers have turned their eyes to the laser cutting machine industry of processing and forming equipment.With the widespread application of laser cutting machine, then Perfect fiber laser cutting machine is how to stand out among many equipment?So, take a look at the following:

1. Touch screen console operating system:

Fiber laser device controller installed on a computer (English version of Windows XP system)

Baichu system, automatic calculation and optimization of cutting path, industrial computer installation optimization software

The touch screen console controls the laser head (adjusting the distance between the laser head and the metal piece); the remote control handle controls the movement of the laser cutting head.

2. Adopt laser mach (American laser microphone) and PRECITEC (German Pres) autofocus laser cutting head (metal sensor): the laser cutting head nozzle contacts the surface of the metal sheet, the cutting head automatically moves up and down, high sensitivity and high stability. There is no obvious spark phenomenon, which avoids the change of air medium and the fault caused by electromagnetic field interference, and avoids collision damage of the cutting head.

3.3HP high-power chiller refrigeration: the water-cooling method is used to keep the laser head working at constant temperature (plus or minus 5 degrees), which ensures the stability and speed of the laser during operation.

4. Ruike 1000W (IPG1000W) fiber laser generator: high photoelectric conversion rate, high beam quality, working life of more than 100,000 hours, no maintenance costs.

5. Universal ball and jagged working platform, load metal material for fast and stable loading, sawtooth platform bead cutting metal sheet, reduce spark splash during laser cutting.

6. Japan Panasonic servo motor and driver: improved cutting speed and stability. Positioning accuracy: ≤ ± 0.05mm; maximum moving speed of 90 m / min, the maximum effective cutting range of 1500 * 3000mm. The servo system has excellent dynamic response acceleration characteristics to ensure smooth and reliable machine operation and maintenance-free;

7. Self-service refueling, alarm reminder, smoke exhaust device: the laser cutting machine track can be automatically refueled, and the lubrication of the track is guaranteed at all times. The alarm device of the laser cutting machine can remind the working condition of the machine. The smoke evacuation device extracts the smoke generated during the cutting process and protects the working environment.

8. Rotary aid: The unique design solves the technical problem of cutting the bent part of the pipe.

This is the key to differentiate the optical fiber laser cutting machine, and Charles Schwab is also your trustworthy choice!


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