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What is the difference between inkjet printer and laser marking machine?

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The difference between inkjet printer and laser marking machine

1> For inkjet printer, the content printed can be modified, also the sign can be removed by the cleaning liquid.While, the sign made by laser marking machine is permanently, it cannot be removed.

2> Consumables. For inkjet printers, it need many consumables, you have to change ink and solvent liquid every week. While, laser marking machine don’t have consumables,

3> Maintenance. The ink of inket printer is easy to get dry if you don’t use it for long time of don’t wash the ink path completely, the ink path is easy to be blocked. Whlie for laser marking machine, the laser is coming out from the laser source, it’s totally free of maintenance, and the marking is more beautiful.

Fiber Laser Marking Machine & Industrial Inkjet Printer
Fiber Laser Marking Machine & Industrial Inkjet Printer

Perfect Laser design fiber laser marking machine with mini type, portable type, desktop type, lifting type, colorful type, standby type, full-closed type. Also provide rotary type fiber laser engraver, UV purple light metal laser engraver, 3D dynamic focus shifting working table fiber laser etcher for your choice. Widely used for metal engraving and some non-metal such as hard plastic including phone cell,animal ear tag marking,etc. And we have industrial inkjet printer includes 1-4 lines small character inkjet printing machine, 1-5 lines ink jet printing machine, 1-6 lines inkjet printing system, big character inkjet coding machine, eggs printer, portable inkjet coder, high resolution ink jet printer, double heads ink jet printer and multi-functional printer,etc. Widely used for cosmetics bottles, glass bottles,plastic bags,paper,electronic products,labels,ABS,PVC,PC,etc.

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