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Vertical Type Direct to Wall UV Printer Machine Price for Ceramic Tile / Wooden Board / Glass Painting

Perfect Laser(Wuhan)Co,Ltd.
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PE-UV40 wall UV printer adopts the popular H-frame on the market.

PE-UV40 wall UV printer adopts the popular H-frame on the market, a siphon continuous ink supply system, dual-sensor automatic induction, micro piezoelectric inkjet technology and variable ink droplets, which makes the printing more vivid and realistic.

The quick-drying and waterproof technology of the original model, which cures quickly and will not fade for a long time.

It is widely suitable for interior and exterior walls, putty powder wall, latex paint wall, white wall, imitation porcelain wall, diatom mud wall, canvas, tiles, glass, rice paper, wall clothing, color coated glaze, shell powder, color paint and so on.


Perfect Laser independent researched and developed wall printer machine has wide range of applications, high printing precision, and printing quality of wall printer is perfect and colorful. This wall printing machine can achieve 3D effect easily.

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