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News Flash-How popular the channel letter laser welding machine is

Customer from Zimbabwe and Hungary coming all the way to visit Perfect Laser 

October 9, 2017, the customer from Zimbabwe visit Perfect Laser and inspect our three-in-one channel letter bending machine.After professional communicating and introduction by our salesman Vivian, the customer chose Perfect Laser and purchased our main channel letter bending machine model: three-in-one letter bending machine PEL-700 not long ago. The purpose of the trip to China is to come here to visit and test our channel letter bending machine.

September 19, 2017, two customers from Hungary to visit Perfect Laser, and inspect our channel letter laser welding machine and channel letter bending machine.Accompanied by our salesman Anny, the customer came to the Perfect Laser factory to visit our different types of channel letter laser welding machines and channel letter benders. After the close understanding and practical operation, the customer finally very satisfied with our channel letter bending machine PEL-200.

It shows how popular this product is ,different customer from different countries visited our company. After screening and comparing many companies, our customer choose to visit our company, which fully proves the strength of the company and constantly urges us to provide more and better new products and services.

News Flash-How popular the channel letter laser welding machine is


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