Pfeiffer Vacuum has set standards in leak detection for 50 years

Pfeiffer Vacuum
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Global range of leak detector solutions since 1966

• Leak detector using helium or hydrogen as tracer gas

• New leak detectors on the market

From miniature electronic units to large tanks,

from escaping fluids and gases to gas ingress in vacuum systems – the requirements

that leak detectors are expected to meet are every bit as varied as the spectrum of

industrial products. The extensive range of leak detectors in the Pfeiffer Vacuum

portfolio offers solutions for all these requirements.

Experience counts!

In 2016, Pfeiffer Vacuum is celebrating 50 years of its leak detectors. Founded in

1890, the company is a leading global manufacturer of components and systems for generating, measuring and analyzing vacuum and detecting leaks. It was in 1966 that the first helium leak detector ASM 4 designed and engineered in-house was patented and launched. The launch of this product was an important milestone for the industry. The first leak detector with an integrated turbopump, the ASM 110, followed in 1985. This technology represented an important advance in the design of the devices that were available on the market at that time. The first portable leak detector, dubbed the ASM 310, was then launched in 2009.

Extensive choice of leak detectors with helium or hydrogen tracer gas

Today, Pfeiffer Vacuum can rightly maintain with pride that its leak detectors find

every leak. No leak is too small or too large to go undetected. Dr. Matthias Wiemer,

member of the Management Board of Pfeiffer Vacuum Technology AG, declares:

“Pfeiffer Vacuum is the only company that offers such an extensive portfolio of leak detectors using helium or hydrogen as a tracer gas for a broad spectrum of use. Pfeiffer Vacuum develops and produces leak detectors and helium recovery

systems for applications requiring a guaranteed high production throughput as well

as leak-tight parts. Our qualified expert staff supports customers in selecting the

best solution to meet their requirements.”

Pfeiffer Vacuum introduces leak detection compendium The “Leak Detection Compendium” from Pfeiffer Vacuum provides extensive expertise on leak detection and leak testing. Leak detectors and systems, as well as various leak detection measures, are described for readers looking for a hands-on approach. The contents of the compendium are easy to understand and written with

users in mind. Diagrams and photos illustrate the subjects discussed. Numerous

tips from expert users on the subject of leak detection and leak testing provide

readers with support with their particular application. Clearly arranged tables

facilitate the conversion of units of measure and other everyday leak detector tasks.The handbook itself also stands out with its clear structure and layout. Dr. Matthias Wiemer explains: “We are proud to introduce the leak detection compendium as a unique practical aid to support our customers with their work. It brings together concentrated expertise in a handy pocket-sized book – from describing the various tracer gases and explaining various leak detection methods right up to showing helpful examples from practical use.”

Thanks to close collaboration with customers and the continuous focus on their

needs, Pfeiffer Vacuum is constantly optimizing and expanding the portfolio.

Pfeiffer Vacuum has set standards in leak detection for 50 years

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