Modular leak detector ASI 35

Pfeiffer Vacuum
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- Highest performance in helium and hydrogen

- Reliable, fast and sensitive

- For industrial leak detection systems

Asslar, Germany, 11. February, 2016. The ASI 35 from Pfeiffer Vacuum is a leak detection solution dedicated to leak detection machine builders, system integrators and end-users. This unit combines high reliability and repeatability with maximum uptime. The ASI 35 provides very good performance for tracer gases helium and hydrogen in integral and localizing test procedures or a combination of both. Therefore, it offers flexibility in testing of demanding samples with minimum signal background and crosstalk providing for fast overall cycle times.

Due to its modular design, the ASI 35 is optimized for minimum space requirements and maximum integration options. The user interface is optional since the unit can be controlled by PC or PLC. Only two cables are needed to connect the vacuum and electronic modules, making the ASI 35 an easy leak detector to set up.

Further advantages of the ASI 35 are its low maintenance turbopump for high helium pumping speed, its dual independent long life filaments as well as its state of the art electronics. These features guarantee a long lasting trouble free operation. The leak detection system can be designed for testing in various operational modes for vacuum or sniffing tests with the highest sensitivity level. The ASI 35 sustains very high throughput and ensures the accuracy and reproducibility of the measurement results as well as fast cycle times as short as 1 second. Thanks to its performances in sniffing, the ASI 35 is the perfect leak detector especially if multipoint sniffing is needed.

The electronic module is suitable for universal voltage, making it easy to integrate the ASI 35 into systems designated for worldwide operation. The leak detector is designed for working conditions in ambient temperatures of up to 45 °C. Easy mechanical integration is complemented by a wide range of interfaces allowing data acquisitionand complete external control of the system. Thanks to customized I/O configuration, a basic version of this leak detector can be operated without a PC or PLC.

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Modular leak detector ASI 35

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