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13 improvements for one of our key product!

PNR Italia is proud to announce the evolution of one of its key products, the UBC tank washers. Every step of the product manufacturing has been reviewed and optimized, including mechanical tolerances, assembly precision, surface finish and packaging.

As many as thirteen improvements have been tested and included in this process, which allows us now to present to our customers a high-class product at a competitive price. The improvements realized include an extremely precise movement which means perfect rotation in every position, vertical up or down, and horizontal.

Furthermore, a new process has been realized to obtain not only excellent surface finish on both outside and inside surface, but also astonishing and guaranteed zero burrs on all of the inside surface. The possibility of efficient cleaning in the head inside surface means of course no spaces left for bacterial growth, hence total safety in food and beverage processes.

As for all of our products full traceability of raw materials is assured. A new type of packaging keeps the product clean and protected during transportation, while “talking label” provides guidance in identifying the content. Last but not least, UBC stainless steel AISI 316L tank-washing heads can be supplied upon request by an ATEX certification manual.

You can find all the information about our UBC tank washing heads at the following link: http://www.pnr.eu/ubc

UBC is now delivered in a new protective box

UBC is now delivered in a new protective box


The whole internal surface of the head is totally burr free: a finishing grade unique on the market for this class of products that allows an efficient cleaning, without any possibility of bacterial growth

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