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Measurement services for modal testing, model validation and prototype testing

Polytec GmbH
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Outsource your development and testing tasks

Outsource your measurement tasks simply to Polytec or rent our cutting edge measurement instruments. Expect quick and reliable measurement reports from our PolyXperts as basis for further decisions and improvements while cutting down your cost of ownership, especially for non-frequent testing needs. Use our modern measurement labs including our RoboVib® Structural Test Stations. Our experienced engineers support you through every phase needed, including consulting of test setups at your site. Get high quality experimental modal data as animated deflection shapes in 3D together with corresponding frequency response functions for a detailed correlation with your FE models. Detailed operational deflection shape data resolved in frequency or time help evaluating the true vibrational behavior under real operational conditions. Rely on high quality test data for NVH analysis (noise, vibration, harshness) to optimize acoustics and analyze the effect of vibration on comfort or durability. Also, use non-contact and full-field strain measurement for high cycle fatigue (HCF) testing like typical for turbine blades or bladed disks (blisks). Our PolyXperts are happy to serve with vibration testing services, just contact us!

Testing and measurement services as cost-effective RnD support
Testing and measurement services as cost-effective RnD support

Let our PolyXperts test dynamics, acoustics and vibrational behaviour for you

Automated and full-field structural analysis

Test large structures over night in our Polytec testing labs or ask for on-site support throughout any project phase

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