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ATEX meter with turbine - ID-JAPYTEX

Pompes Japy
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This meter with turbine satisfies the requirements ATEX / IECEx concerning the use of equipments in potentially explosive atmosphere.

This ATEX meter / flowmeter is compatible with: the gasoline, the diesel oil, the fuel. It can be calibrated.

It is the ideal instrument of measure and management of a distributor.

It place easily on-line, at the end of a pipe of expulsion, or directly on the pistol of distribution.

A strong body and a sealed electronic circuit make it appropriate to be practically used in any condition.

It is reversible (the fluid can circulate in both directions), compact, and his display is directional.

Its body is aluminum, turbine is in polypropylene and materials in contact the liquid are: the aluminum, the PA12 (polyamide 12), the PBT (polytéréphtalate of butylene) and the ceramic.

The obtained beach of flow is from 7 to 120 l / min

Possible option: he exists in version with pulse generator

ATEX meter with turbine - ID-JAPYTEX

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