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High-Speed Coreless Brush DC Motors

Brush DC miniature motors that can reach speeds up to 40k rpm

Typically, high speeds are associated with brushless DC motors because of the absence of the mechanical brushes that can wear at high speeds.

It has been a challenge for applications to find a solution that requires high speeds but is also cost-sensitive. For example, disposable medical tools require both speed and low-cost options, since the operation happens only for a few minutes, after which they dispose of the tools.

BLDC motors are a solution from a speed perspective, but not from a cost perspective. Portescap’s new proprietary high-speed coreless brush DC motors deliver high-speed and are priced economically for applications where there is a short-cycle, cost efficiency, and performance is critical. Portescap’s coreless brush DC can achieve such top speeds, which is an enormous challenge while optimizing the electromechanical design & architecture of the motor.

These new concepts are available in 22mm & 24mm diameters.


  • Westchester, IL, USA
  • Portescap S.A.