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Motion solutions for Drones & UAVs

Drones for defense and surveillance missions require extreme agility for navigation and are regularly exposed to critical environments.

These UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) applications demand efficient propulsion to extend operability (battery charge), low noise and low heat signature to be able to collect intelligence while being undetected.

Portescap's capabilities and motion control expertise provide exceptional solutions suited for responsiveness, reliability and motion precision. Our miniature electric motors provide optimum torque and efficiency in compact and lightweight envelope, capable to operate in critical environmental conditions.


Exceptional dynamic performance (torque over speed range to create thrust)

Operating temperature -65° F to 190° F

Increased efficiency

Power dense designs (compact and lightweight)

Designed to operate in critical environments (shock, vibration)

Customization Options

Custom output shaft and interface features for modular designs

Support design, integration and validation

Capabilities to support 'blank sheet' solutions

Feedback options (encoder with an accuracy of 1.5 degrees, resolution up to 1024 PPR)

Multi-axis options


  • West Chester, PA, USA
  • Portescap S.A.