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Complete Series M1 Modular Industrial Ball Valve

Praher Plastics Austria GmbH
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In accordance with „Industry 4.0“, the smart automation of production processes, Praher Plastics has designed its new modular industrial ball valve M1. In the version with position feedback, the simple manual ball valve converts into an industrial ball valve in the sense of „Industry 4.0”. The feedback passes on the information about the open or closed position to a central control unit.

Additional advantages of the M1:

• Buttress thread for perfect fit of the union nuts

• Integrated bracket for fix point mounting

• Integrated fixations for the modular adapter set: one-piece injected valve body

• Modular adapter set for actuation or limit switch box

• Ease of switching between different configurations with special features and fitting devices

• Clamping piece can be iinstalled as clamping element for socket or spigot endings or, as spacer element for flange connections

• Silicone-free

• Safety handle with Praher Plastics labeling system.

The M1 series are available in PVDF, PP and PVC-U, silicone-free, from DN10-DN50, designed for pressure rating up to PN16 for ball seating joint in PTFE. A variety of versions are available with sealing materials in EPDM or FPM, manual version with or without position feedback, with electric actuator or pneumatic actuator or with adapter set, all for your convenience!

As reasonable complement for the M1 ball valve in PP we recommend our PP fixed flanges!

Complete Series M1 Modular Industrial Ball Valve

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