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PRATIC Dual-Spindle Type Machining Center

Efficiently Complete Mass Production of Small Workpieces


As a leader in the aluminum profile processing industry, PRATIC is very familiar with the specifications of various aluminum profiles. A large part of PRATIC's aluminum profiles on the market are long and narrow (Figure 1 shows some processed aluminum profiles). For these products, PRATIC designed an unique dual-spindle structure in order to make processing more efficient.

Dual-spindle Type Machining Center Design:

Taking PRATIC PIS-CNC4500S as an example (as shown in Figure 2). Since the machine head bears the weight and space of the two spindles, the head is welded by using a steel material Q235A with a higher rigidity than the cast iron HT250. The arm type magazine is connected to the column by a steel frame.

When a user processes aluminum parts, he or she needs to place the workpiece side by side on a workbench and fixes it with a fixture. Because the distance between the spindles is not adjustable, when people fix the workpiece, the position of the fixture must be fully considered as shown in Figure 3. In order to prevent the machining surface from appearing high or low, one of the spindles is designed to be able to move up and down paralleled to the other spindle. There are two main reasons for this design: First, the distance between the two spindles and the column is different, so the cantilever distance and the generated torque are also different. The spindle closes to the sliding door will sag more strongly than the other one. Second, when the tools are used in the spindles, the effective length of the two tools cannot be guaranteed to be the same. At this moment, adjustable spindles are necessary.


The dual-spindle design greatly improves the working efficiency of the machine, and the adjustable spindles avoid the problem of high and low surfaces when users process the workpiece at the same time, which improves the processing accuracy. Overall, the mechanical efficiency and machining accuracy are satisfied at the same time.


Dual spindle machining centers are perfectly applied for massive production of small workpieces such as handles of cabinet, doors and windows, door locks and many kinds of furniture profiles...

PRATIC Dual-Spindle Type Machining Center


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