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Microscope Focus Stand for Large or Irregularly Shaped Samples

The ProZ motorised focus stand from Prior Scientific is the ideal solution for viewing and imaging of samples that may be too large, or irregularly shaped, to be fitted onto a standard microscope frame or stand, but still require high quality imaging

Offering a large travel range of 250mm and flexible mounting adapters, to mount most zoom, stereo and compound microscope heads means using the ProZ you are no longer restricted by the small focus travel of standard microscope frames and stands.

Accommodating the optical head of high quality zoom, stereo and compound microscopes such as the Nikon AZ100, SMZ 25 and Ni, or the Olympus MVX10, SZX2 and BX models, the ProZ stand enables the imaging of samples that until now could not easily be analysed.

The ProZ uniquely combines large focus travel movement with precise encoded resolution (0.25 µm). Designed to securely accommodate components up to 23 kg in weight, more than sufficient for a zoom, stereo or compound microscope head, the ProZ can be mounted onto a range of bases, or bolted straight onto an optical table. Coupled with other products from Prior Scientific's ranges of motorized microscope components you can create a tailored flexible system optimised to suit your exact requirement. For example, a motorised focus block, and X-Y stage could be added - combined with a ProZ stand, Prior's H112 stage, with a travel range of 300mm x 300mm, is ideal for allowing a large sample to be finely positioned in the X, Y and Z axis. For even greater precision in the Z axis, a motorised focusing block can be added to the system.

The ProZ is also flexible enough to accommodate a wide range of illumination sources, including commercial microscope illumination bases. For further information on the ProZ motorised focus stand please visit or contact Prior Scientific on / +44-1223-881711.

Prior Scientific has been manufacturing top quality, high performance equipment and instruments for optical microscopy since 1919. Prior Scientific produces a wide range of motorised stages, system controllers, robotic sample loaders and illumination devices. To find out more about this range of products please visit


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