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XY Stages from Prior Scientific for the new Olympus MX63 and MX63L Industrial Microscopes

Rockland, MA. (August 1, 2017) - Prior Scientific is pleased to announce that the ProScan H116 high precision motorized stepper stage is compatible with the new MX63 and MX63L industrial microscopes from Olympus.

The H116 stage is the ideal platform for performing scanning of a wide range of semiconductor wafers, photo masks, flat panel displays, and printed circuit boards. A variety of sample holders are also available and stage inserts can be customized for any application. The H116 can easily accommodate 8” (200mm) wafers and makes an ideal solution when paired with the Olympus MX63/MX63L microscopes.

Prior Scientific is the leading manufacturer of microscope automation equipment including high precision motorized microscope stages, automated slide and well plate loaders, LED and metal halide fluorescence illuminators, Piezo Z stages, motorized filter wheels, high speed shutters, custom and OEM electromechanical and optical systems. Prior Scientific works closely with a number of manufacturers of scientific equipment to develop new and innovative products for researchers across a broad range of applications. For further information on OEM development of an application, optimized microscope platforms or related accessories please contact Prior Scientific Inc., at 800-877-2234 or fax 781-878-8736. Write to Prior Scientific, Inc., 80 Reservoir Park Drive, Rockland, MA. 02370, send an email to or visit our website­ a t


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