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Hardness testing innovation from Swiss-based Proceq: World's first UCI hardness testing probe with adjustable test load

Schwerzenbach/Switzerland, April, 2016 – Global leader in portable measurement solutions for non-destructive testing, Proceq, has today announced the first in a series of upcoming product launches with the new Equotip® UCI - the world’s first Ultrasonic Contact Impedance hardness testing probe with adjustable test load. For the first time, this will allow users to set five different test loads – eliminating the need to purchase more than one probe to conduct UCI tests.

Proceq’s brand-new Equotip® UCI probe comes with a globally unique feature – the adjustable test load, allowing the user to set five different test loads (HV1 to HV5), as well as permitting finding and selecting the ideal load for a specific application. In addition, this technology provides a novel user guidance to make measurements much more stable and user independent. Equotip® UCI complies with International Standards (ASTM, DIN and others).

With Leeb, Rockwell and UCI, Equotip® now combines the key portable hardness test methods in a single instrument. Furthermore, the combination of Rockwell with either Leeb or UCI can now be utilized to overcome material and geometrical limitations while remaining completely portable. The advanced user interface, unique touchscreen features and personalized screens further improve usability for smooth on-site testing. Fully customizable test reports can be generated on the instrument itself.

Proceq CEO Ralph Mennicke said: “The launch of Equotip® UCI heralds the dawn of a whole new era for portable non-destructive testing aimed at providing end-users with greater functionality, flexibility and an intuitive user experience. We are not only providing the very latest reliable portable testing equipment, but also saving our customers time and money - at purchase and during service life.”

Marcel Poser, Proceq Executive Chairman and Tectus Group CEO commented: “This is the first in a series of new products that Proceq will be rolling out over the next months. The company has exciting plans for the future with many organic growth initiatives, but is also actively pursuing partnerships and acquisitive growth in the portable NDT space.”


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