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Proceq introduces the Equotip 550 - The most versatile all-in-one solution for portable hardness testing

The new Equotip 550 is an all-in-one solution combining the Leeb and Portable Rockwell methods and will be directly compatible with upcoming developments. The new generation Touchscreen Unit leverages the high measuring accuracy with an unmatched user experience leading to increased measurement efficiency:

- Elaborated user interface designed by industry experts for smooth operation

- Touchscreen features simplify and improve usability in combination with a high resolution display

- Personalized screens allow to arrange information and views according to the user''s needs

- Special housing and protected hardware connections to be used on-site (IP 54)

Unique Features - Outstanding Advantages

The instrument offers a unique range of functions which ultimately help to speed up on-site and laboratory inspections:

- Automatic on-site correlation of Leeb to Portable Rockwell true indention hardness value

- Guiding wizards increase process reliability and improve measurement precision

- Customized measurement reports through a modular configuration

- Create, edit and verify material conversion curves directly on the instrument

Covering Broad Hardness Testing Applications

Equotip 550 comes loaded with interactive wizards handpicked for specific industry applications in order to increase reliability and to assure precise measurements. A detailed table for Oil & Gas, Automotive, Aerospace and Steel Working applications with recommended test methods is available on the Equotip website.

Leeb rebound hardness testing is mainly used for on-site testing of heavy, large or already installed metal parts but is also applied for testing composites, rubber and rock. The Portable Rockwell test method is particularly suited for scratch-sensitive, polished or thin parts as well as for profiles and pipes. The automatic combination of measurement methods extends the scope of the Equotip 550 to a large area of use. And Equotip 550 is a future proof investment as it can be extended with additional test methods and features currently in development.

Proceq is offering a variety of impact devices and accessories such as support rings, measuring clamp and adaptors to serve most hardness testing requirements and sample geometries.


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