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Innovation in corrosion analysis from Swiss-based Proceq

The market’s most advanced corrosion analysis instrument – Profometer® Corrosion – locates and analyses corrosion within structures to derive efficient monitoring, maintenance and repair programs.

Schwerzenbach/Switzerland, April 1st, 2016 – Global leader in portable measurement solutions for non-destructive materials testing, Proceq, has today announced the launch of its new Profometer Corrosion – the most advanced corrosion analysis instrument on the market.

This latest innovation from Proceq features unique wheel electrodes which allow the fastest and most efficient on-site testing. Created with flexibility in mind, the user can upgrade anytime between Profometer Corrosion and Profometer 6 Cover Meter models - making it an all-in-one solution for rebar assessment and corrosion analysis.

With a high resolution, illustrative touchscreen, high productivity is ensured – with 2D grid views, an assisted workflow process and on-site post-processing of the measured data. Together with the included PC software, it allows the best possible statistical analysis of the data with efficient custom reporting.

Proceq CEO Ralph Mennicke said: “With our new Profometer technology, we are bringing new speed, efficiency and flexibility to the task of corrosion analysis. Corrosion is an invisible enemy within the infrastructure of our daily lives – whether in highway viaducts, car parks or elements such as electricity pylon bases. Reinforcement failure through corrosion in such structures can cost billions of dollars, as well as endangering public safety.”

Marcel Poser, Proceq Executive Chairman and Tectus Group CEO commented: “With two new products launched already this year, the continuing strategic investment by Proceq and Tectus will see still more exciting news over coming months.”

Innovation in corrosion analysis from Swiss-based Proceq


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