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New Equotip® Live UCI HV1-10

Wireless Portable Hardness Tester

Proceq has launched a wireless Equotip® Live UCI probe - the world’s first IoT enabled UCI hardness tester which harnesses the benefits of cloud computing. This announcement means that Proceq now offers Leeb D and UCI probes with the pioneering Equotip® Live solution.

For the first time ever, this new UCI probe incorporates six test loads – 1kg - 5kg and 10kg – all-in-one probe. This is an unparalleled offering in the NDT marketplace.

Equotip® Live features one-click reporting with the ability to output data to a PDF or CSV file. Another benefit are customizable conversion curves that help to test and verify special materials in accordance with international standards. There is also a logbook feature which enables users to trace all features and probe details and store them on the Equotip® Live App – allowing 100% traceability. Other features include:

· iOS app including free updates

· Hotspots with predefined shortcuts

· Audio output of readings allow smartphone to remain in the pocket

· On-screen guides

· Verification and calibration information for higher reliability.

With the new Equotip® Live UCI, customers now have a fast, complete and consistent non-destructive testing method literally at their fingertips. Proceq has consolidated its decades of industry experience to overcome the major industry ‘pain points’ ensuring maximum productivity, comprehensive testing ability and consistency of results.

UCI stands for Ultrasonic Contact Impedance testing and it is mainly used for testing welds and heat affected zones within the automotive manufacturing, steel production, oil and gas sectors.


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