Direct from air conveyor to bagger

Stefan Schonfeldt
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New design servo controlled bottle put-down system

Productive Systems always evolve its designs to adjust to customer requirements as well as to stay up to date with technology. Our latest bagging machines that handle empty plastic bottles are now capable of receiving bottles directly from the air conveyor onto the bagger accumulation table.

This design eliminates going from air conveyor to conveyor and then into the bagger. This is an area that are always problematic and more so when running different size bottles on the same line. By eliminating the conveyor in-feed and feeding directly onto the bagger accumulation table you:

- have more positive control over the bottles,

- eliminate additional problem areas,

- handle different size bottles better.

Our original design included pneumatic cylinders for the put-down unit that places the bottles onto the bagger accumulation table from the air conveyor in-feed. We have now incorporated a servo driven and controlled placement system making the movement smoother, faster and allowing for height adjustment between bottle heights to be done from the operator panel.

Direct from air conveyor to bagger

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