A Hydraulic Pump for High-Pressure Applications

Moog Inc.
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Highly dynamic control of hydraulic flow and pressure product

Engineers at Moog, East Aurora, NY, developed the RKP 250 radial piston pump, in part, to let customers pump more volume using a smaller motor with a simplified interface. The RKP 250 also lowers energy costs, compared to two-pump configurations, which has been a popular method to increase the volume of hydraulic fluid pumped prior to the RKP’s arrival.

The 520-lb pump has variable displacement up to 250 cm3 and 5,000 psi of continuous pressure. Peak pressure is 6,000 psi. It operates in temperatures from 5° to 140°F.

Moog introduced a new version of its RKP product line for industrial applications (such as metal forming machinery, presses, and plastics machinery) that require high system pressures up to 350 bar.

The pump is designed for open-circuit systems and has a large suction port. Its nine-piston rotary group has minimized piston-clearance volumes, so pressure ripple and noise are low. It is made of ferrous metals with hardened, wear-resistant surfaces, making it durable and able to pump HFC and HFD liquids.

The pumps are offered with a range of compensator options: pressure compensation, combined pressure and flow compensation, and fixed or dual displacement. It also supports SAE-A, -B, and -C interfaces. There are also explosion-proof versions of the pump. The pump is well-suited for powering metal-forming machinery, presses, and plastics machines.

A Hydraulic Pump for High-Pressure Applications