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Quindex Fifth-Axis Device Attaches to Fourth-Axis Table

The Quindex fifth-axis indexing system from Index Designs is designed to enable five-sided machining applications.

Activated with shop air, the device bolts onto fourth-axis rotary tables, enabling tools to access five sides of a part in the same setup.

The Quindex makes a 90-degree index through an M code command written within the machining program. The rotary actuator drives the 6.75" diameter spindle up against hard stops for highly accurate positioning with 5 arc-seconds of repeatability. A pneumatic brake plate provides up to 250 foot-pounds of holding torque to absorb heavy cuts.

For those without an existing fourth-axis table, Index Designs offers a packages that includes a VH-6 fourth-axis rotary table, the Quindex air-driven head with outboard support and air lines. All components are aligned and mounted on a subplate. The package is available as a true fourth-axis or as a semi-fourth-axis when paired with the Index Designs programmable control box.


  • Chatsworth, Los Angeles, CA, USA
  • Index Designs