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Sveconek's High-Capacity Workholding System Holds 10 Parts

Sveconek LLC’s high-capacity workholding system can hold up to 10 parts in a single-acting machinist vise.

The system is made up of an array of floating jaw plates that fit between and interact with the vise’s existing movable and fixed jaw plates. According to the company, repeatability with 10 parts is comparable to that of a conventional vise holding two parts. The system is marketed as affordable, easy to mount and simple to use, fitting most 6" vises. Different kits are available to accommodate various part sizes and shapes.

All kits and components are offered in three versions. One kit includes 7075 aluminum jaw plates with an integrated step for typical first operations. Step dimensions measure 0.125" × 0.115", with the step seat located 1.6350" (±0.0005") above the vise ways. Overall dimensions measure 1.25" × 1.75" × 6.0". The jaw plates are anodized. The second kit includes a 7075 aluminum jaw plate blank, which is machinable for the user’s specific needs. Overall dimensions measure 1.00" × 1.75" × 6.0". The third kit includes a 6061 aluminum jaw plate blank, with overall dimensions measuring 1.00" × 2.00" × 6.0". The 6061 jaw plates are intended to be re-machined and re-purposed multiple times.


  • 4208 Glasgow Rd, Valencia, PA 16059, USA
  • Sveconek LLC