Two New Hyundai Wheel Loaders

Hyundai Construction Equipment Americas
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Hyundai Construction Equipment Americas has introduced two new wheel loader models, the HL930A (among the first Hyundai A Series models that feature Cummins Performance Series engines) and the HL975CVT, equipped with a continuously variable transmission.

The new Hyundai HL930A is sized to meet the needs of utility and general construction contractors, says the company, with an operating weight of 25,135 pounds and a standard bucket capacity of 2.5 cubic yards. The new loader uses the Cummins B4.5 Performance Series diesel (equipped with certified Stage 5 emissions control) and develops 130 net horsepower.

The new A Series models reflect the benefits of Hyundai’s collaboration with Cummins, says Hyundai, including the Engine-Connected Diagnostics system that allows service technicians to remotely diagnose and report engine problems, thus assisting a proper approach to the resolution of problems. With Cummins engines, says Hyundai, wheel loaders will have more than a 10-percent increase in power, and a nearly 20-percent increase in torque, compared with previous

engines—all while using less fuel, the result of the Cummins Performance Series engines providing a smaller, lighter power package.

According to Hyundai, Cummins Performance Series engines integrate the newest after-treatment system, the Single Module, which combines combustion and air-handling technology and requires no exhaust gas recirculation. These engines offer a simpler installation with lower installed costs, says the company.

Hyundai A Series wheel loaders also include an enhanced on-board weighing system as standard, designed to deliver improved precision and weight calibration capabilities, compared with previous systems. The automatic/manual cumulative weighing function is designed to enhance operating efficiency. Icons display weighing limits, and a two-color weight-value indicator on the monitor supports accurate weighing for production management.

Another new productivity feature of the Hyundai A Series wheel loaders, Eco Report, analyses the wheel loader’s operation status based on operator performance, enabling the operator to use the analysis to adjust behaviors to achieve greater productivity and efficiency. Smart Power Mode, another new feature, reduces fuel consumption by adjusting engine speed in heavy-duty

applications, such as digging. This capability not only saves fuel while delivering full Power Mode performance, says Hyundai, but also balances traction force with breakout force.

Hyundai A Series wheel loaders incorporate the use of radar to detect rear obstacles, day or night, and without blind spots, says the company. Radar also reports on the status, moving or stationary, of the nearest obstacle. Radar is a feature of the new Hyundai HiDETECT system, which is an evolution of the Hyundai All-Around View Monitoring and Intelligent Moving-Object Detection systems that have been available on Hyundai wheel loaders since 2015.

The A Series wheel loaders include a new Emergency Stop switch (located at the bottom of the operator’s seat) that will shut down the engine. In-cab sound levels are 68 dB(A). Another new feature, the Remote-Control Door option, enables the operator to remotely open the cabin door.

The Hyundai HL975A CVT is an updated A Series version of the HL975 wheel loader that uses a continuously variable transmission from ZF. The ZF cPOWER continuously variable transmission delivers improved fuel consumption of up to 25 percent without any sacrifice in performance or power, says Hyundai. The cPOWER is continuously variable over the complete drive range, both forward and reverse, providing hydraulic starts through its continuously variable power-split technology. And because there is no mechanical connection between engine and driveline, says Hyundai, the transmission is resistant to wear from heavy loads.

Hyundai HL930A wheel loader

Hyundai HL930A wheel loader