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LS-Type enclosures compatible with all types of rectangular inserts

Mencom, the North American Master Distributor for ILME rectangular connectors, introduces the LS-Type enclosure solution for the entertainment industry.

These enclosures can be ideally used for lighting system, power supply, mixer and dimmer panels on theater stages, film sets, radio and TV studios, discos, trade fair booths, concert halls, and night public events, thanks to ‘RAL 9005’ black coating paint making them suitable in where the connectors should be invisible in the darkness.

The LS-Type enclosures are designed to compatible with all types of rectangular inserts in the market and are available in the standard sizes (44.27, 57.27, 77.27 and 104.27). Not only are the overall dimensions and the fastening flanges unchanged from the corresponding standard versions, but also their metal bodies have the same outstanding characteristics as the standard versions. Therefore, the standard closures can be replaced with the LS-Type as an alternative if the black-out enclosures are required in the dark stage environment. The levers are made of thermoplastic material and are engineered to easily replace in case of breakdowns due to severe impacts by accidental force.

The enclosures provide IP65 degree of protection when coupled and locked through the locking levers so they can be installed both indoor and outdoor regardless of weather conditions. The range of operating ambient temperature is -40°C ~ +125 °C.


  • Oakwood, GA, USA
  • Mencom