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Piston pumps have higher ratings

Among the products featured by Continental Hydraulics at Conexpo/IFPE was their line of HPVR piston pumps, now with enhanced pressure ratings to 4,000 psi.

These pumps feature medium-high working pressure capabilities that meet a wide range of applications. According to the company, they feature simple construction for long, dependable service; and they are more contamination-tolerant than competitive pumps to improve dependability and reduce maintenance costs.

The efficient, energy-saving design is also economical, with low overall cost for a high-performance variable volume pump. And quiet operation helps ensure hydraulic systems meet sound level standards.

The HPVR series of inline axial piston variable-displacement pumps are available in three compact frame sizes and five displacements from 0.88 to and 3.97 cu. in./rev. For example, the HPVR-29 model offers 3.97 cu. in./rev displacement with pump delivery of 29 gpm at 1,750 rpm. Its operating pressure is 4,000 psi (276 bar) continuous with intermittent excursions permissible to 4,500 psi (310 bar).

Output flow and pressure are managed by a variety of control options, and can easily work in conjunction with external control components making them a good choice for almost any application. The HPVR series pumps are available in both SAE flange and ISO mounting 2-bolt patterns. Porting is available in rear and side locations as well as thru-drive configurations.


  • Shakopee, MN, USA
  • Continental Hydraulics