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Intellidrives Introduces Linear Servo Slide System

The Direct Drive Linear ServoSlide system from Intellidrives is a linear motor solution that eliminates wear, friction, backlash and compliances associated with mechanical transmissions, such as ball/lead screws, rack & pinion, belts/pulses and gearboxes.

Linear Motor Forcer features non-contact design and low cogging for fast and accurate positioning. Carriage support double rod bearing system is integrated into the slide to support moving carriage and to provide dynamic stiffness and precise straightness of travel. Bearing rollers are magnetically pre-loaded by the carriage against magnet track.

Integral Linear Encoder provides precision non-contact linear position feedback with resolution 1 micron. Encoder index mark provides "home" position with repeatability 1 micron.

Cable Transport Module with high flex robotic cable is installed and pre-wired to the amplifier. Mounting of the actuator can up-side down and vertically.

Multi-axes gantry and XYZ arms can be easily constructed using linear servo slides.

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