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How can data help you quickly and sustainably meet constantly changing requirements? In line with the motto “Infinite opportunities from infinite data,” you’ll find answers to this question and many others at the Digital Enterprise Virtual Experience during HANNOVER MESSE 2021. From April 12 to 16, experts will use examples from a wide range of industries to show how companies can master their challenges with our Digital Enterprise portfolio.

Infinite opportunities from infinite data

The industrial world is facing urgent challenges that must met quickly and sustainably. The path to this success involves digitalizing and automating processes and, with an intelligent energy supply as a basis, making intensive use of the resulting data. This is the only way for companies to act swiftly under rapidly changing market conditions instead of simply reacting. Siemens makes it all possible with its Digital Enterprise portfolio. In parallel with HANNOVER MESSE 2021, you can also attend the Digital Enterprise Virtual Experience from April 12 to 16 and learn how to make full use of the data you generate through digitalization and automation, based on a large number of examples.

In line with the motto “Infinite opportunities from infinite data,” the Digital Enterprise Virtual Experience program includes more than 40 top speakers and experts. In presentations and customer consultations, they will describe in detail the opportunities that are being created through the use of the endless volume of data. As in a real trade fair, visitors are in direct contact with Siemens experts and can discuss a wide range of topics in one-on-one conversations by appointment or in small groups. Guided tours also provide attendees with an overview of our virtual booth. Our focus here is once again on dialog, as real tour guides will be standing by to answer questions and provide additional information.

Register now and set up appointments free of charge for one-on-one consultations, meetups, and the guided tour.

Experience Siemens Highlights!
Experience Siemens Highlights!