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The Latest Solutions for Lifting and Handling

Keep your operation up to date with fresh new conveyors, hoists, lift tables, and more!

Material handling equipment can be critical to the productivity and efficiency of your facility. Check out our slideshow for some of the top equipment designed to ensure that all materials are handled safely and with care.

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Flexible Conveyor Solution

The Light Conveyor Platform (LCP) from Interroll Corp is a plug-and-play modular material-flow solution that can increase productivity in automated production environments. The LCP allows for system integrators to easily implement scalable belt conveyor sections to meet specific automation requirements. While achieving efficient material feed and discharge, the LCP also provides flexible options that can adapt to new requirements. It has been designed to transport smaller conveyed goods; it can also transport boxes or polybags weighing up to 110.2 lb. (50 kg).

Dynamometer Equipped Lever Hoist

OZ Lifting Products' Dyno-Hoist, a dynamometer level hoist, gives users a real-time reading of the load they are applying to the hoist, whether it be a lifting or pulling application. The product is available in 0.75, 1.5, 3, 6, and 9-tons capacity. The first three models in the range have one fall of chain, and the 6 and 9-ton versions, two and three falls, respectively. Additional features include all-steel construction, a steel handle with rubber grip, zinc-plated load chain, forged alloy steel hooks, and fully enclosed gearing.

Compact Lift Table

The LiftMaster 7000 from LiftWise is a high-capacity hydraulic lift table that allows users to lift or lower a variety of parts into position for maintenance or other operational tasks. With a compact and maneuverable design, the lift table provides easy operation for some of the most demanding needs. It features a lift-off capacity of 5,500 lb. (2494.8 kg) and a full capacity of 7,000 lb. (3175.1 kg). A pump handle is used to precisely raise/lower the table with a maximum lift height of 38 in. (96.5 cm).

Bag Handling Suction Cup

As bags become thinner, the Piab USA BGX suction cup has been developed for handling flimsy and oversized bags, addressing the challenge of avoiding damage to the bags or its contents. The lip of the bag cup is designed with a good sealing capability at a low vacuum level. Produced as a one-piece suction cup with two bellows, it will easily pick bags of different heights with a safe and stable hold of the product in the fast/semi-fast robot applications.

Modular Roller Conveyor

Dynamic Conveyor Corporation's DynaRoller powered roller conveyor is designed to convey boxes, packages, trays, totes, parcels, crates, and cartons. It has the ability to be installed quickly, featuring plug-n-play technology and easy integration with other systems. Conveying a range of sizes and shapes, the solution is a zero-pressure conveyor system that is reconfigurable. Other advanced features include precision sortation and 90-deg. transfers.

High-Performance Solid Cushion Tire

Incorporating a new rubber compound technology, MAXAM Tire's MS600 press-on solid delivers stability, grip, and tire life with the wide tread width. It has a five-deg. sidewall taper and enables productivity. Featuring a full and unique tread profile for a larger footprint area, the MS600 delivers maximum load distribution and stability when starting and stopping. Developed with the EcoPoint3 compounding, it tackles rolling, skid, and wear resistance.

Modular Wheel Series

Reducing the amount of energy needed to move loads in manual or powered applications, the UltraGlide wheel series from Hamilton Caster & Mfg. was designed for ergonomic and AGV applications. The precision ball bearings have been upgraded in both size and quality to provide more than double the bearing life. The die cast aluminum center has been designed with a new concave face that concentrates the compression of the urethane toward the centerline of the tread.

Sliding Truck-Bed Platform

CargoGlide from Decked is a heavy-duty sliding bed platform that makes loading, unloading, organizing, and accessing gear for work more efficient, allowing owners to store and easily retrieve items and tools without having to climb into a truck bed. Extending truck-bed utility, CargoGlide rolls forward out of the truck bed from its locked position with the pull of a lever, extending past the end of the bed by as much as 100%.

High-Performance Solid Cushion Tire


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