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Sliding Headstock Lathe Designed for Small Part Machining

Index has updated its Traub TNL12 sliding headstock lathe, with increased tool capacity, fluid-cooled motor spindles and more.

Index Corporation has launched the next generation of its Traub TNL12 sliding headstock lathe for small part machining. The updated TNL12 features four tool carriers that can be applied to a workpiece simultaneously, with the front-working attachment and counter spindle now housed on separate slides. This eliminates potential interdependence between front-end and counter spindle machining, allowing for more flexibility in programming. This design also reduces the mass of both elements, which the company says allows for faster and more dynamic machine response.

The features enabling rear-end machining also have undergone substantial changes. Full three-axis machining can now be achieved in this position. A new, back-working attachment offers six tool stations, with up to four allowing live tooling, as well as a flushing unit.

Overall tooling capacity has also been increased, with the capability to house up to 40 tools with the use of double and triple holders. Each of two six-station tool turrets has its own servomotor and interpolated Y-axis, with chip-to-chip tool change times reduced to 0.3 seconds. It is backwards compatible with its predecessor’s tool holders for the turret and front- and back-working attachments.

The machine also incorporates fluid-cooled motor spindles with a maximum speed of 12,000 rpm. Its low-mass clamping cylinders and carbon sleeve for the guide bushing drive offer higher dynamic response. The guide bushing is freely selectable, live or programmable, with the ability to adjust itself via a pneumatic servo valve.

The machine includes an eight-bar coolant pump, with the option to add one or two adjustable pumps capable of 20 bar to 120 bar. A 250-bar pump is also available for special applications. Coolant is cleaned by a compact belt filter and users can choose between a tray or conveyor for chip removal.

The TNL12 offers options for automated rinsing, part removal via a small gripper and removal of long parts through the counter spindle. The machine can also be paired with a robot for machining of chucked parts. Furthermore, it can be equipped with an optional whirling unit with a ±30-degree swivel angle for high-speed whirling to a length of 75 mm.

It incorporates the current Traub TX8i-s control, which offers Industry 4.0 connectivity via Index’s iXworld platform. The folding and swiveling operating panel includes a 19" touchscreen and provides easy access to a networked production environment.


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