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What is a Custom Assembly Personnel Lift ?

As the name implies, the assembly personnel lift is a custom engineered man-lift designed to assist technicians in the assembly of product from aerospace to power generation and everything in between.

Custom personnel lifts are much more than mere man-lifts one can rent from a dealership to place you at heights in order to affix a sign or position a beam during construction. Though these models are very efficient for this type of work, custom personnel lifts offer a much more engineered to order experience.

A custom personnel platform is a piece of material handling equipment designed for specific applications the client presents. The technical sales people and engineers then design the solution. Engineering custom personnel lifts is a creative process as much as a technical one. When you contract a design/build firm to engineer for your application needs, be sure you’re dealing with a company that has years of experience in multiple industries. Though each personnel lift is designed for a unique purpose, they all share similar stories in that they are positioning people around a product. This experience is invaluable when approaching a new industry or customer design.

Safety is top of mind when designing custom personnel platforms, as it should be with any heavy-duty material handling equipment. Included on these lifts are motion sensors, limit switches, and fall protection. Toe-guard, audible alarms and flashing lights alert others when the personnel lift is raising or lowering indicating to stay clear.

Beyond just the up and down motion, custom personnel lifts can be fitted with additional hardware such as retractable bridges which bring the technicians closer to the product. Personnel lifts can be operated mechanically or with hydraulics. They can be raised and lowered with a ball screw system on a four-post lift, or employ scissor lifts to move people and parts vertically.

Custom personnel platforms offer ergonomics to those working on them. Assembly personnel lifts are often equipped with specialized tooling to assist in the assembly operations. They can also have the operator panel(s) affixed to the platform, placed next to the unit at ground-level, and/or include a hand-held controller.

IIoT or the Industrial Internet of Things, is another option available to manage your personnel lift’s data. Knowing the health of the parts that play an integral role in the motion and safety of your platform allows you to predetermine issues before they become a problem. IIoT can assist in lessening downtime by having parts serviced before they break.

As mentioned earlier, custom personnel platforms are found in assembly, manufacturing, and maintenance and repair facilities across multiple industries. These industries include Power-generation, Advanced manufacturing, Aerospace, Automotive, and Rail & Transportation. Handling Specialty has built custom personnel lifts for all of these industries over its 57 years in operation. Handling Specialty has the experience, and overcome myriad issues over their time as a design/build firm which can only strengthen your material handling solutions.

What is a Custom Assembly Personnel Lift ?


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