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QTS uses social distancing tech as site hazard alarm

A gadget developed for social distancing in the first wave of covid has been developed into a tool to keep workers safe from other hazards.

The Pathfindr Safe Distancing Assistant, worn as an arm strap, has now become part of a system that creates virtual exclusion zones to keep workers clear of workplace hazards.

The new system, called Zonr, has been developed in collaboration with rail contractor QTS. A proximity alarm alerts workers when a vehicle or other hazard comes close, or if they step into a high-risk area – guiding them through a workplace to avoid potential incidents.

It gives site operators real-time data over incursions, enabling interventions to be made in the moment, as well as providing data to enable site safety process to be improved.

Ben Sturgess, chief technology officer at Pathfindr, said: “While all sites have health and safety measures and policies in place to protect workers, they rely on human accuracy to identify hazards in fast-moving environments – and we’re all fallible.

“Zonr has been designed to keep people and machines apart, so that workers can focus on doing their jobs efficiently, knowing they’ll be alerted to a hazard. No technology will eliminate the need for continual vigilance, but Zonr reduces the risk of a serious incident and helps site operators manage their liability for the safety of site workers.”


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