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Swiss Machining Demo Shows Off Carbide Cutting Tool Lines

Pilot Precision Products introduces turning, milling and drilling carbide tooling from 100-year-old, Portugal-based Palbit SA.

As Portugal is said to be the second largest country for die and moldmaking, Palbit tools are born from die and moldmaking, but work well for turning as well as milling and drilling. The new DOMX rough turning insert for heat-resistant superalloys and stainless steel as well as the Tetrafeed milling platform are featured in Pilot Precision’s booth (432380).

Pilot Precision, Palbit’s exclusive U.S. distributor, not only showcases Palbit’s cutting tools, but also Pilot Precision’s broaching and drilling products, including the first of its kind CNC broaching 25-mm stroke mini slotter for use on Swiss-type lathes.

All these tools are demonstrated on a Tsugami Swiss-type at the company’s booth. Come see a complete part being made using CAM software in partnership with Mastercam.


  • 15 Merrigan Wy, South Deerfield, MA 01373, USA
  • Pilot Precision Products