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All-Automatic Bucket Support Bracket Assembly

Beck Automation presents Beck Bailer – its new metal ironing machine in Düsseldorf. Having its own control system allows the system to be operated autonomously. According to the manufacturer, this should appeal to producers of industrial plastic buckets in particular.

Buckets are therefore fed to the system on the stand; precisely positioned and aligned with the ironing hole. The metal bar is then separated, the handle rollers are slid forward and the bar has the desired stirrup contour applied.

The finished hangers are conveyed to an ironing station, the bucket and hanger are precisely aligned and then the hanger ends are pressed into the holes. The machine can handle buckets of every kind of shape. For example, buckets with diameter ranging from 175 to 380 mm and from 100 to 450 mm high. The system was designed for a cycle of 3.5 s per bucket.

The company will also present an adjustment head, part of the IML system, so that labels can be aligned even more precisely. The adjustment head picks up individual labels and measures and positions them as required. The new development is mounted on the transport unit that loads the core dummy with labels. On the transport path between the magazine and core dummy, the newly developed head precisely aligns the label, allowing more accurate positioning and ultimately reducing waste and manual fine adjustments. The application will be shown at the booth of the Wittmann Battenfeld company.

K 2022: Hall 12, booth B36-05


  • Neugutstrasse 19, 8102 Oberengstringen, Switzerland
  • Beck Automation